Month: April 2016

Article about Wealth Solutions

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Wealth Solutions and Sound Management Wealth Solutions is a credible company that will provide you with many services. Effective and trustworthy services will incorporate the following: * growth * management * protection for your assets Sound management is the key to effective financial services. Wealth Management has worked with some of the most affluent families…

Tony Robbins Resides as San Francisco Bay Area Angel

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Millions of people know Tony Robbins for all of the motivational books that he has written down through the years. He has put in a lot of time into inspiring others to excel to their greatest potential. What people may not know is that he is also a generous man. His generosity has been shown…

Doe Deere’s Fashion Do’s

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Somehow, someday, somewhere, someone in the high ivory towers of the fashion world began dictating numerous rules on what women could wear. Now that was all a long time ago, before women became more bold and more liberated, but there’s no question that some of the rules still weigh down upon us all today. For…

Top Real Estate Investment Inventor Now Among Top Advisors

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The inventor of a new way to Crowdfund real estate investments in large commercial properties, William Skelley, who founded iFunding to implement those ideas, has now been named to Michael Stoler’s panel of ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ Along with this honor, Skelley is being scheduled to appear for iFunding on Michael Stoler’s business…

Manse On Marsh Helps Seniors Feel Independent

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Seniors do not have to give up their independence just because they are residing in an assisted living facility. There are plenty of facilities that work hard to help seniors keep their independence, such as The Manse On Marsh. This facility offers a mixture of independence and quality health care, so they can give seniors…

Let Your Eyes Be Your Search Engine

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The world is becoming more mobile and taking their mobile devices to all corners of the Earth. Technology companies are expanding their services to meet customer needs. Consumers want to be tethered down to their PC 24/7. This is a generation of explorers who still want the ease of technology to follow them no matter…

Eric Dye’s Educational Interview With Sanjay Shah

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Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio hosted Sanjay Shah who is the proprietor of Solo Capital. During the interview they discussed a lot of issues ranging from entrepreneurship to philanthropy. A man cannot come up with creative ideas all by himself, delegation of duties and listening to others goes a long way in promoting the business….

Kevin Seawright Helps Local Youth Find Jobs

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Kevin Seawright is lending his company’s support to students in the Newark area who are are searching from employment and want to enhance their skill set before graduation. Seawright is the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which has partnered with several local officials and the NewarkWorks program to help students find jobs…

Kyle Bass: Living in Denial

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These days, when something strange or weird happens in the financial world, it is no surprise. It seems to happen almost every other day, which is sad in reality. It’s gotten so bad they have made movies about it such as the Big Short, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. The world is…

Keith and Keely Mann Make a A Difference

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We all have the power to impact the world. It does not depend on how big or small your impact is but I do believe we all have the power. As a recent college graduate, I often wonder how I can impact the world. I struggle from day to day on if my impact will…

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