Eric Dye’s Educational Interview With Sanjay Shah

Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio hosted Sanjay Shah who is the proprietor of Solo Capital. During the interview they discussed a lot of issues ranging from entrepreneurship to philanthropy. A man cannot come up with creative ideas all by himself, delegation of duties and listening to others goes a long way in promoting the business. He revealed during the interview that pooling of ideas is one of the best decisions that an entrepreneur can make. What, however, stood out is Shah’s dedication in fighting Autism. Autism Rocks is a nonprofit organization that hopes to raise funds in hope to create awareness and carry out research in respect to autism.

Having a relative or a friend suffering from an incurable disorder such as Autism can take a heavy toll on some one. After his child was diagnosed with the neurological disorder at the tender age of two years he launched a wide world campaign in order to reach other affected people. The idea of using music concerts to annually raise cash has never been used before on such a large scale. Sanjay Shah has modeled the fundraiser in such a manner that it is fun and at the same time it’s effective in raising funds. During the podcast he encouraged people to learn more about the disorder and help where they can. It was revealed during the interview that Autism Rocks was planning a huge event this April and would feature musicians such as Tyga.

Sanjay Shah is an investment wizard and the owner of solo capital which is a boutique investment firm. He is the proprietor of various institutions which are under the umbrella of Solo Capital Markets. Unlike other millionaires he does not only contribute to charity but also actively follow in their endevours and operations. He has traveled widely and has visited many countries such as Uganda and Dubai where he is currently domiciled.

He is not a hedge fund beneficiary but has worked hard to reach where he is. Before he founded his companies, he was employed in the banking sector but lost his job during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. He believes that all children should be accorded the opportunity of being normal and hopes that through research Autism will find a cure.

  1. Siena Brentley

    I used to think that Autism was curable and reading this I am now registering in my mind that it is possible before I die. One day with assignmentmasters doing more research and findings on this particular case, I believe that it is possible to cure autism. I will keep in touch with Sajay and others as they also believe in the same hopes.

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