Let Your Eyes Be Your Search Engine

The world is becoming more mobile and taking their mobile devices to all corners of the Earth. Technology companies are expanding their services to meet customer needs. Consumers want to be tethered down to their PC 24/7. This is a generation of explorers who still want the ease of technology to follow them no matter where they go.

Imagine a consumer visiting New York City out for a stroll and a bit of sightseeing. The consumer happens upon an incredibly interesting building with great architecture features but there is no information about regarding the history of the building. Typically the person would have to ask a local or wait until he returned home to do his research using a search engine on his PC. Another example using the same tourist but this time while visiting Time Square his girlfriend sees a pair of shoes being worn by another tourist. She just has to have these shoes but has no idea where to get them.

Now is the time to introduce one of the fairly newest technologies that will help our tourists with their dilemmas. The technology they need is the use of a visual search engine. A visual search engine like product recognition is similar to a search engine but instead of using words to search for the item or topic, the application uses images taken with their smartphone or images already stored in the phone as the search criteria. A visual search engine uses the same concept as a word search engine but the visual search engine uses images and patterns to help find matches.

The female tourist in our example would be happy to find a Neiman Marcus app through the Apple Store. The app promises to “Snap. Find. Shop.” to help consumers find that item they have been searching. Companies such as Slyce, one of the leading visual search engine creators, are dedicated to assisting companies to get in on the leading edge of visual search engines. Slyce’s website,, provides a video just how the Neiman Marcus app works. By expanding the searching function, companies just like Slyce are expanding the technology world for consumers and businesses.

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