Top Real Estate Investment Inventor Now Among Top Advisors

The inventor of a new way to Crowdfund real estate investments in large commercial properties, William Skelley, who founded iFunding to implement those ideas, has now been named to Michael Stoler’s panel of ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ Along with this honor, Skelley is being scheduled to appear for iFunding on Michael Stoler’s business television news program, the Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report. Stoler’s program is an important venue and has been for 15 years, covering the tri-state region. Stoler is also the founder of Madison Realty Capital.

A formal dinner was held in New York City and hosted by Stoler to honor the whole panel of these very elite real estate investors and innovators of the same. It was presented at the Columbus Citizens Foundation. Each person on the team is considered a major innovator and producer of new ways for more people to get involved in real estate. MarketWired reports Skelley’s contribution will be to educate everyone on the advantages Crowdfunding can bring to high-value commercial property investments. The group of companies already represented in this group includes Merrill Lynch, CIT, Cushman and Wakefield, the Kushner Companies, and the Carlyle Group. Several business and government dignitaries of the region were also present.

Joining Skelley on the television show will be the founder of Regional Capital Group, Paul Braungart. Skelley is expected to go over how he got his original idea through his Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Clayton Christensen. His mentor developed a concept called ‘disruptive innovation’ which Skelley parlayed into something he calls ‘alternative investment’ which he implemented at his iFunding. With a large group of clients having as little as $5,000, iFunding manages investment into large commercial properties. In investing history no such groups of low-value investments have ever existed. Skelley’s application of online technologies has enabled this new invention handily. iFunding handles every aspect of these investments. So far iFunding has brokered $2 billion in commercial Crowdfunding investments. CrunchBase shows Skelley attended Harvard Business School and has a business degree from Hobart College. In former days, Skelley lead business at Rose Park Advisors, GE, Bain Capital, and Olympus corporation.  Follow Skelley on Twitter, where he tweets about iFunding, and the future of real estate on the regular.

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