Doe Deere’s Fashion Do’s

Somehow, someday, somewhere, someone in the high ivory towers of the fashion world began dictating numerous rules on what women could wear. Now that was all a long time ago, before women became more bold and more liberated, but there’s no question that some of the rules still weigh down upon us all today.

For Internet Entrepreneur Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, those rules just don’t apply. Deere likes to make a bold fashion statement on a daily basis, and so she is a rule breaker of the first order.

Here are a few of the ones she loves to break, or at least play with.

1. Don’t Wear Socks With Open Toed Shoes

Yes, the look can come off a bit like a crazy grandma out for a good time, but done well, with lots of color coordination between the socks and the outfit, this is a look that can be a lot of fun, in a schoolgirl gone wild sort of way.

2. Don’t Combine a Lot of Colors.

Now this is a rule that Deere absolutely loves to break. With her wild hair colors (ranging from blue to purple to green and pink) and fabulous fashion sense, combining colors just goes with the territory. The key, for Deere, is to make sure the colors all coordinate, so you don’t look like a hot mess. Done well, it’s a flashy look that’s also very exciting.

3. Don’t Combine Any Patterns.
This rule has been on the books for a long time, as too many patterns can look like a jumble. For Doe Deere, it’s all about finding some areas of coordination in the pattern, like colors that go together well. That’s the key to really making this unusual look work well.

4. Don’t Play up Both The Eyes and Lips With Color.
This is a rule that’s all about finding just one area on the face to focus on. For Deere, however, real beauty means enhancing both the lips and eyes with color that is well applied and chosen with finesse.

Finding your own style definitely means making bold choices, and if that means breaking a rule here or there, Deere says, go for it!

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  1. Coraline Bryce

    When it feels like Doe Deere is one person that promote some tips on beauty and fashion that no one can throw away on some of the news. This with inspires more women and can help us to look inside in the door of many of their aspirations and maybe one can find the way to give the better satisfaction in business as well. allowing the advice to be applied can make one avoid some grave mistakes in fashion and beauty care.

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