Tony Robbins Resides as San Francisco Bay Area Angel

Millions of people know Tony Robbins for all of the motivational books that he has written down through the years. He has put in a lot of time into inspiring others to excel to their greatest potential. What people may not know is that he is also a generous man. His generosity has been shown in the San Francisco area quite a bit lately. He is done so much good that he has been dubbed the “Bay Area Angel” by some.

It has been reported that Tony Robbins has come the aid of people in the San Francisco area recently on more than one occasion. Armed with a checkbook and a heart of compassion, Robbins can to the rescue of an 85 year old resident that was about to get evicted. This is something that was very inspirational, but that just the beginning of his giving. He also helped out some nuns that were trying to run a soup kitchen. They were in a position where they wanted to feed the homeless, and he helped them continue on this journey. That would prove to be a great thing that he would do, but this was not the end of his ability to help others.

Speaker Tony Robbins has been inspiring others for years. He has become someone that others in the San Francisco community really look up to. If there was a desire to run for mayor, Robbins would not have much campaigning to do. His strong acts of kindness could certainly help him build a career in government.

The nuns that were running the soup kitchen were also in need of homes themselves. Robbins came to their aid in another way by giving them a place to live. Tony and his friends would spend more than half a million to accommodate the nuns with housing. This is the true essence of a man that practices what he preaches.

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