How Handy Makes Home Cleaning Easier for You

Spring is now in full swing in most areas, leaving homeowners with the ever so resistible urge to clean their domains. Most people don’t possess the time or effort to devote to home cleaning, although living in a cleaner home is linked to being happier. Whether it’s simply throwing trash on bedside tables away or sweeping and mopping all floors, every homeowner should engage in some degree of home cleaning.

Handy is a mobile application that lists local home cleaning professionals. The app is free to download and peruse for customers, as only cleaners’ wages are reduced by approximately 20% by Handy for advertising and hosting fees; customers pay no extra fees. Customers can sort through cleaners based on price, availability, and other relevant criteria.

Handy is available in more than 25 cities in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Handy’s top two executives, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, feel that carefully combing through cleaners’ applications, background checks, and references is essential to hiring quality cleaners. Less than five percent of cleaners are accepted to Handy’s listings, resulting in a base of contractors that all customers should feel safe of sharing their homes with.

Handy also hosts carpentry, plumbing, and other handyman services. Approximately 15% of Handy’s listings consists of these handyman services, with the rest devoted solely to home cleaners.

Spring cleaning is certainly made loads easier with help from professionals hosted by Handy, although everybody needs to clean up to some degree prior to a cleaner’s arrival. Removing personal items from desktops, tables, and other open spaces is a great start. Picking up clothes, toys, and other items from the floor is equally as important. The majority of home cleaners feel uncomfortable sorting through personal goods, especially when picking up dirty clothes from the floor to sweep and mop. However one decides to clean, remember: cleaning may not be fun, but cleaning brings happiness to every home.

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