Slyce Inc 3D Visual Search Brings Shoppers And Shoe Carnival Added Value

For ladies looking for the perfect pumps or guys craving the latest designer basketball shoes, Slyce and Shoe Carnival has now made it easier to find them through With the Slyce visual search technology, when you spot those must have shoes, just snap a picture, upload it to and find them or their closest match and purchase them through the website. The picture can be of an actual pair of shoes spotted at another retail outlet, in a magazine or seen over the internet. The new partnership using Slyce Inc. technologies Shoe Carnivals broad assortment of moderately priced shoe from national and regional brand names offers shoppers a more convenient shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction. Shoppers need to keep their eyes open and camera ready to more easily purchase that perfect pair of shoes.

Toronto, ON based Slyce Inc offers major retailers the opportunity to interact with customers throgh their visual search technologies, allowing customers to find the product they desire almost instantly. Companies with large product options such as JCPenney, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters are offered a suite of mobile apps or a visual search platform that increase their sales and revenue as well as customer engagement and satisfaction. Shoe Carnival Inc is one of the largest family footwear retailers and offer moderately priced footwear for men, women and children in casual, dress or athletic styles. It has 400 stores in 34 states and Puerto Rico and offers online shopping. Customers now can see that pair of shoes that may be out of their price range and find an exact or close match at Shoe Carnival.

Slyce’s revenues come from business such as Shoe Carnival who want to use their technologies who as Kent Zimmerman, VP of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival said in the article, want to be ahead of the innovation curve and provide customers with the more convenient shopping experience. Slyce CEO, Mark Elfenbein said that the partnership is a milestone for their company and is the first large scale, fully automated visual search deployment in the marketplace. Users are offered an easy and intuitive experience by imputing only the picture and no additional data. Slyce offers retailers other services in addition to their Snap To Buy functionality, including Snap To Coupon, Snap To List and Snap To Discover. Slyce is making the shopping experience better, quicker and easier for both shoppers and retailers using their technologies that allows the snap of a picture or the scan of a barcode or coupon to translate into a transaction.


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