Month: June 2016

Trading Expert Jim Hunt Shares His Expertise

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One of the more well known investment experts is Jim Hunt. He is currently based in the United Kingdom and provides investors with lots of education and training in order to help them reach their potential. In fact Jim has developed programs that help investors easily succeed at trading and earn high profits. By following…

JustFab Ignited My Passion for Fashion

Posted by in Shop Online

Hey Fashion Besties, It’s our coterie’s q & a time again! Tobi from Seattle asked “Why did you become a fashion blogger?” Thank you for your question, Tobi. This one took some soul searching and lots of edits, but, here goes. I never, ever thought that I would be into fashion. The fact that I…

Thor Halvorssen Fights For Those Stripped Of Their Human Rights

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

The knowledge we have of the stripping of human rights from the people of the world is often seen through the constant work of human rights activists from a small number of charitable groups. One of the smallest and most recently introduced groups is the Human Rights Foundation, which was established by and works under…

White Shark Media Works Hard To Keep Customers Happy

Posted by in Customer Satisfaction, White Shark Media

White Shark Media is an leading online company that works by doing promotions for businesses. The company currently has customers from all different places around the world that are happy with their work. White Shark has a lot of expertise in Ad Words and can provide each client with the best solutions for any advertisement…

Doe Deere, Lime Crime Cosmetics, And Embracing Your Inner Unicorn

Posted by in Beauty Advice

Unicorn Queen Doe Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics out of necessity. She needed brighter colored make-up than she could find. So she created the make-up she needed by hand and shared some with fashionistas she knew. When they told her she should share her unique make-up with the world, Doe Deere created the website,…

O’Keefe Busted in an Attempt to Infiltrate George Soros Foundation

Posted by in Humanitarian Works

George Soros is a man of deep economic insight. His expertise in global economic affairs has made him resourceful and instrumental in analytically approaching global financial situations and providing practical solutions. Born in 1930 in Budapest, Soros fled Hungary in 1947, which was dominated by the Nazis in the Second World War. The Hungarian-American legendary…

Kevin Seawright’s Plan To Increase Home-Ownership Rate In Baltimore Through RPS Solutions

Posted by in Business Leaders

Kevin Seawright is happy about RPS Solutions LLC’s plan of providing affordable homes in Baltimore. When founding the partnership venture, RPS Solutions, Kevin’s vision was to enable people access affordable housing. This way, he would strengthen Baltimore’s community. Through his company, Kevin facilitates individuals to own homes. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the…

Coworking Space: A Hot Market in Real Estate

Posted by in Money, Where to invest

  Coworking space has become popular in the last few years. There is good reason for this trend. Coworking space or shared office space used to be the preserve of small start-ups and freelancers who occupied offices jointly mostly to cut overhead. Today, the coworking industry looks a lot different. As urban centers revitalize, corporations…

Goettl Acquires Moore AC and Brings More Jobs to Vegas

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Goettl Air Conditioning expands their company as they acquire Moore AC. The 50 year old company they bought is bringing 300 plus years of experience to Goettl. This acquisition allows Goettl to expand their services with highly trained experts in Las Vegas. If Goettl continues on this track, they are set to become the primary…


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