Goettl Acquires Moore AC and Brings More Jobs to Vegas

Goettl Air Conditioning expands their company as they acquire Moore AC. The 50 year old company they bought is bringing 300 plus years of experience to Goettl. This acquisition allows Goettl to expand their services with highly trained experts in Las Vegas. If Goettl continues on this track, they are set to become the primary residential service provider in Las Vegas.

Goettl plans to grow the business by 50% and add 100 jobs by 2017. Goodrich created an endowment at a local college, College of Southern Nevada, where they have an air conditioning program. He plans on resourcing talent from this program for future employment. In honor of his father, he started a veteran employment program. He wants to create opportunities for vets to find jobs.

Goettl AC left Las Vegas in 2007 due to the recession. After Goodrich purchased the company, they came back to Las Vegas in 2016. This move was nostalgic for Goodrich, because it is his hometown. Goodrich is an expert at acquiring HVAC companies and turning them around. He has had success with numerous companies. He can fix any problem, from profits to bad leadership. Goodrich has helped bring companies back to good standing with his innovative thinking.

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