Kevin Seawright’s Plan To Increase Home-Ownership Rate In Baltimore Through RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright is happy about RPS Solutions LLC’s plan of providing affordable homes in Baltimore. When founding the partnership venture, RPS Solutions, Kevin’s vision was to enable people access affordable housing. This way, he would strengthen Baltimore’s community. Through his company, Kevin facilitates individuals to own homes. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the residents of Baltimore surpass the home-ownership rate of 48.3%.

Kevin asserted that it was rewarding to see people own homes in the neighborhoods of Baltimore such as Belvedere Square. He went on to posit that with the completion of each home in Baltimore and its environs, the company was getting closer to achieving its goal of increasing the home-ownership rate. With an increase in home ownership, Baltimore will benefit from economic success, vibrant communities and stable neighborhoods.

Kevin told LocalTalkNews he believes that RPS Solution will achieve its mission through offering crucial real estate services to potential clients. He also reiterated that home ownership is a reward that the company seeks to make accessible for all residents in the Baltimore area. RPS Solutions helps home buyers access mortgages by connecting them with mortgage lenders. The company also manages assets and help in constructing new properties besides renovating underdeveloped houses in the area.

Kevin is a successful financial and administrative operations expert. Communities on the East Coast have benefited from Kevin’s 13 years of financial expertise. Kevin’s unique blend of business acumen, financial expertise, outcome efficiency, teamwork and government operations, positions him as a transformative leader. Kevin is the vice president and chief financial officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). He has reformulated business strategies that have resulted in responsive accounting and finance divisions. These divisions align technological initiatives with the exiting economic and organizational objectives. Throughout the mid-Atlantic region, subcontractors and general contractors’ boards have benefited from Kevin’s transformative revenue planning corporate processes.

In his career, Kevin has achieved much including revenue enhancements. In the human capital division, Kevin has worked on augmenting staff retention, improving recruitment efforts and engaging in collective bargaining agreements. He has also made huge contributions on change management, negotiations and compensation adjustments. His contributions in the human resource department have enhanced standardization, company performance and service delivery. Over the years, Kevin has rendered his services as a budget manager, payroll director, deputy chief in charge of operating officer, fiscal officer, executive director of operations and chief of construction and financial projects. Kevin is one of the members of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, National Association of Black Accountants and the American Society for Public Administration.

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