Doe Deere, Lime Crime Cosmetics, And Embracing Your Inner Unicorn

Unicorn Queen Doe Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics out of necessity. She needed brighter colored make-up than she could find. So she created the make-up she needed by hand and shared some with fashionistas she knew. When they told her she should share her unique make-up with the world, Doe Deere created the website, designed an innovative internet marketing plan, and made the world aware of her products. Almost overnight people all over the planet where clamoring for the neon-bright rainbow colored make-up in the Lime Crime cosmetics line.

What many people love about Lime Crime is that it gives them the color palette they need for creative self-expression. Doe Deere calls that releasing your inner unicorn. That’s the light, happy, childlike spirit inside that brings people joy. For many people that inner unicorn is associated with bright, happy colors. That is what the Lime Crime line offers. And it has struck a chord with a growing number of people. Part of what people enjoy are the unusual names of the Lime Crime make-up. With names like Fetish, Teacup, Alien, Shroom, Faded, Suedeberry, and Orchidaceous, it’s hard not to smile when you put it on.

Doe Deere is a marketing genius. She used the internet to turn Lime Crime cosmetics into a very successful company and has used social media to make customers into a community. Not only does she send out regular missives on Twitter, she also invites people to send photos of themselves using Lime Crime cosmetics. She then posts some of the pictures on the Lime Crime website to serve as inspiration for others. The result is many users of Lime Crime that may have felt different than the people around them, now feel like they’re part of an intimately connected global community.

The Lime Crime line offers lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, eye-shadow, blush, rouge, nail polish, and more. The colors are so bright and bold wearing them or even seeing them seem to lift people’s spirits. It connects people to each other and to nature and the cosmos. People of all ages and all walks of life love what Lime Crime cosmetics add to their lives. Plus the cosmetics are easy to use, stays on all day or all night too, and are very attractive. People seem compelled to talk to someone wearing Lime Crime cosmetics. So the cosmetics line helps to bring people together.

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