Thor Halvorssen Fights For Those Stripped Of Their Human Rights

The knowledge we have of the stripping of human rights from the people of the world is often seen through the constant work of human rights activists from a small number of charitable groups. One of the smallest and most recently introduced groups is the Human Rights Foundation, which was established by and works under the boundless energy of Thor Halvorssen. The film producer and human rights activist has been a key player in human rights activism for a number of years, but took his role to a new level when he established the Human Rights Foundation and appointed key board members, such as Russian political activist Gary Kasparov.

Thor Halvorssen appears to have unlimited levels of energy that are put to good use in his dual careers of human rights activist and film producer. The movie production side of his career has seen Halvorssen work in both documentary and fiction films that has seen him become one of the most respected producers in Hollywood.

Thor Halvorssen has not limited his thoughts and comments to the problems facing the world in terms of human rights, but has also looked to explain the issues facing the U.S. as the country enters the 2016 Presidential cycle. Among the outspoken criticism Thor Halvorssen aimed at the candidates in the Presidential election were his disgust at the rhetoric of Donald Trump; however, the Venezuelan film producer also stated his belief that Democrat Hilary Clinton’s close ties to a number of regimes around the world made her a candidate he could not provide his backing for.

Halvorssen has been willing to voice his opinion about the work of his own organization and others looking to protect the human rights of others. The respected activist has complained about the lack of work completed about human rights abuses committed in socialist countries, such as Cuba, that largely go unnoticed through the work of other human rights groups.

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