JustFab Ignited My Passion for Fashion

Hey Fashion Besties, It’s our coterie’s q & a time again! Tobi from Seattle asked “Why did you become a fashion blogger?” Thank you for your question, Tobi. This one took some soul searching and lots of edits, but, here goes.

I never, ever thought that I would be into fashion. The fact that I blog about it on a daily basis is still a pleasant surprise. JustFab, a phenomenal online retail leader, shaped my positive relationship with fashion, helped changed my self-image and keeps my blog ablaze.

From as far back as I can remember, I was always the shopping odd-ball; the one sister of 5 who was ‘fun-sized’ – that’s a curvy 5’2” in a group of lanky, svelte 5’7”s. I hated clothes, shoes, and all accessories because shopping was such a terrible experience for me every single time. When we went shopping, I would carry the bags, boxes and drinks for my sisters and their shopping clan until I went away to college and my roommate told me about JustFab. I first visited the site 4 years ago, and voila.

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At first, I was just excited that there was so much available for all of my little (and not so little) fashion challenges, including a personal stylist that JustFab provides, FREE! The fashion quality of the clothing and shoes, bags and jewelry commanded my attention and keeps it to this day.

Speaking of today, the summer fashion line is another JustFab triumph. The swimwear has a perfect option for every body; sexy, sheik, sassy and subtle and everything in between – all perfectly put together in beautiful colors of the season. The off-the-shoulder blouses have been the best go-to option I’ve owned in a very long time. Another summer favorite for me has been the dresses; they are trend setting, comfortable and feminine. Visit:

My readers are raving about the footwear and accessories, and I have to agree with the general consensus that the entire summer collection is brimming with essentials. JustFab summer shoppers will enjoy a vast selection of trend setting fashion, a knowledgable and professional customer service team and personal attention that empowers shoppers without the pressure to buy.

JustFab gives those of us who are not mall dwellers or department store foragers an affordable opportunity to be lovely and luscious, in beautiful styles with no hassle. JustFab has helped me become a confident and fashionable woman; two things I never expected to be. I am a fashion blogger because JustFab gave me the tools to love fashion and a desire to share the joy of fashion with others. Try JustFab this summer and let us know what you fall head-over-heals for!


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