FreedomPop: Money Saving Innovation

Many people have become aware of this new cellphone service carrier under the name of FreedomPop. They are actually a very unique company among other cellphone carriers. One of the features that make them unique from other cellphone carriers is that they work only on VOIP. As a result, they only run their services through the Sprint Data Network as opposed to purchasing their services from Sprint itself. One of the defining features of FreedomPop is that they offer free services to their customers. On top of that, people can earn more services by completing certain tasks. However, there are other features.

Among the features that FreedomPop offers is $5 WiFi. This allows people to gain access from any of the millions of hot spots that are connected to the network. This is definitely good for people who live in the city. Perhaps the best plan of the carrier is the unlimited carrier. The unlimited plan offers talk, text, and data for $19.99. This is quite inexpensive. Most other plans offers services that go as low as $30 at the least, and not every feature is going to be unlimited. Therefore, FreedomPop is a great deal for people who are on a budget.

FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles, California. It is currently expanding to different markets and offering features exclusive to the market. Since FreedomPop is a new company, they only offer used and refurbished phones and tablets to use for their carrier. These devices are from the Sprint carrier services. These are the only products that would work for FreedomPop because FreedomPop is part of the Sprint network. FreedomPop has also offered a lot of promotions and incentives for joining the network. The mobile service carrier has made a lot of progress and innovations in providing services to customers that are in need of affordable mobile services.

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