George Soros Demands Respite for Ailing Ukraine

George Soros is a well known investment manager with a penchant for humanitarian causes. He is respected as an authority in international investment and finance. With the looming debt crisis and lingering tensions with Russia, Ukraine is in dire straits and Soros has released articles prompting the world to take humanitarian action.

There are several factors at play here, and George Soros is suggesting a multi pronged approach in order to best support Ukraine. Last year the country was racked with nationwide protests, which eventually led to the resignation of the prime minister. This huge public uprising is an incredible showing of the spirit of the country, and Soros believes that the new government ought to be supported by the world community.

Russia has been quite aggressive towards Ukraine, and some might call their occupation of territory an act of war. In a fight like this, it is almost impossible for a former Soviet state to stand up to Russia. Ukraine has an abundance of natural gas and other resources, and Russia’s ailing economy is trying to use this hostile takeover strategy to capture these resources. The world community has not yet taken part in the actual fighting, but they have instituted several punitive measures against the Russian economy.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Russia is suffering under a refund of sanctions and trade embargos. Their economy has taken a nosedive with the recent drop in oil prices, which are a major source of revenue for the country. On top of this, the United Nations has instituted economic sanctions against banking and government officials, which is also a huge hole in the economy. The rest of the world is hoping that these efforts will be enough to deter Russia. Soros disagrees.

George Soros would like to see more support for Ukraine, in the form of debt relief. Ukraine is certainly not the first country to run into debt trouble lately, but it’s hard to generate income when Russia is invading your richest territory. Soros thinks that the rest of the world ought to support this democratic new government, and the best way to stabilize the country is to provide financial assistance.

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