Andy Wirth Explains His Concerns About The California Drought On KCRW Radion

I pass through the coverage area for KCRW Radio here and there, and I heard Andy Wirth for the first time on the radio. I am not a ski vacation disciple, but I understand the deep and dark implications of a drought that will fall on California.

Press Play with Madeleine Brand helped me learn about how the drought impacts the ski season, and this article briefly explains what I learned. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

#1: Why Is The Drought So Devastating?

The California drought has been particularly devastating because it hits every part of the state in a different manner. Citizens of the state may pass through dry areas where water is rationed, and snow does not fall in large quantities in portions of the state that are accustomed to seeing snow every winter.

Andy Wirth owns ski resorts that are quite dependent on seasonal snowfall, and he wishes to train the citizens of California about the severity of the drought.

#2: Will Education Help?

Education in California will only go so far to correct the drought that is striking from north to south. The drought is slowed snowfall where Andy’s resorts are located, but he understands that run-off from the same area helps water crops

and fill rivers in the spring.

He is greatly-concerned about the region’s water supply, and he is willing to speak up about it in as many forums as possible.

#3: Andy Wirth’s Passion Is Involvement

Andy has been involved in several different civic issues in the past, and he believes that he must remain connected to the community he came from. The drought is only one issue that forces California to take action, but Andy Wirth wishes to teach the people about its wide reach.

Andy Wirth has a way with words when helping explain the drought. He compassion for the environment and citizens of the state may help slow or stop the drought which has reduced precipitation.

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