Status Labs CEO Drops Advice to Avoid Doxxing.

Darius fisher, the CEO of online reputation management firm Status Labs, knows a thing or two about why it is important to control your digital presence. The internet is the great equalizer when it comes to connecting yourself with people all around the globe. More and more of our personal information is being uploaded to the internet nowadays for just that reason, which makes it so important to actually control what goes on out there. Fisher decided to post some handy tips he learned through his work in order to help prevent people from privacy invasion.

When it comes to keeping your online personal data safe you really need to focus on limiting what you allow to go public. According to Fisher, one of the biggest leaks of private data comes through social media. As a result, Fisher advocates that you routinely update and secure your social media accounts. Every so often companies like Facebook will update their terms, thus re-opening security clearances. Get into the habit of searching yourself on the internet and seeing what social media info is going public.

Next up Fisher advocates getting your info removed from all of those online data brokers. Status Labs, Fisher’s company, knows that the key to controlling your reputation is to control what others are sharing about you. Data brokers scrape the internet in order to pull together info before re-selling it to paying customers. There is no guarantee that the info is even accurate which could paint you in a bad light if the wrong info gets attached to you. Simply finding these company’s by searching your name will lead to the removal of the information. A simple email will typically do the job.

Finally, Darius Fisher advocates controlling your message by purposefully putting out the kind of information you want to be seen. This could come in the form of creating a branded website that is focused on your strengths and positive traits. Put the kind of info on this website that you would want a potential boss to find when they inevitably do research on your online presence.

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