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Sanjay Shah-the Financial Expert with a Big Heart

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If you have been yearning to donate towards autism awareness, and you do not know how to, then you haven’t heard of the Autism Rocks festival. “Autism Rocks” is an event that is held to increase autism awareness as well as raise funds for autism research. The festival comes once a year, and the 2016…

George Soros United States Money Reserve achievements

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US Money Reserve has been recognised as the worthy winner of four awards from the recent Videographer Awards for their production and creative work. The most remarkable awards were in two categories, Creativity (TV)/Cinematography and TV/Commercials/Product. The information winning television spot titled “Testimonial Show” showed testaments from real loyal United States money reserve customers. This…

The Reality Behind Feature Film Money Monster – Brad Reifler Explains

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Money Monster, a full feature film depicting the harsh realities some face in the financial market, explodes into a hostage situation. Although the movie itself can best be described as fictional, it points out the disasters that can arise when one partakes in the financial market. Finance professional and stock market enthusiast Bradley Reifler watched…

An SEC Whistleblower Should Be Your First Stop When Identifying Financial Problems

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The U.S. Government decided the nation would never again be responsible for a major global recession following the 2008 economic crisis that is still being felt in some areas of the world. In response to the criticism of Wall Street and the U.S. financial markets in general the U.S. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act, which…

Andy Wirth Pushes For Squaw Valley’s Expansion Program

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After its approval by the Placer County Planning Commission, Squaw Valley Resort Expansion program now awaits the final confirmation from the County Board of Supervisors. In addition, the Placer County Board of Supervisors is putting down a new land-use plan for North Tahoe region. As reported by Amy Westervelt, a Tahoe-based reporter, Squaw Valley’s CEO,…

Bob Reina Is Committed To Giving Back

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Talk Fusion is the creator of the first all inclusive Video Marketing Solution for business just starting out, and those already on their way. The company provides a platform for business owners to market and advertise via video chat, live meetings, embedded videos and video newsletters. By delivering cutting edge products, and innovative marketing strategies…

How the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Changed Financial Security Fraud

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It wasn’t only a few decades ago where the financial sector in this country was rampant with fraud. There were ponzi schemes of every conceivable size taking place right under the nose of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the worst part employees were being harassed to keep quiet or they would lose their jobs…

Choose The Low-Priced $20 Unlimited Cell Phone Service Plan From FreedomPop

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There are very few people who would turn down a $20 monthly unlimited cell phone plan if they were offered it, so why aren’t more people taking advantage of FreedomPop’s $20 service offer? It’s likely that many people don’t know about FreedomPop’s service plans or their extremely low prices, so it’s not surprising that many…

Fabletics Offers a Unique Retail-Subscription Shopping Experience

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It is the age of subscription services and boxes, and Kate Hudson and Fabletics seem to be the fastest-growing trend. Self-described as an “athleisure” brand, the company started as a service offering discounts for purchases to “VIP” members monthly, unless you skip the month (source); now, it has opened retail stores across the country in…

Eucatex A Premier Building Materials Company

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Eucatex is a premier global supplier of building materials. Eucatex distributes a variety of materials including lumber, floors, paints, mill-work, ceiling tiles, hardboard, and plywood. President of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is committed to product excellence and believes in distributing only the finest building supplies. Eucatex products are environmentally friendly, and are clean and easy to…

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