Eucatex A Premier Building Materials Company

Eucatex is a premier global supplier of building materials. Eucatex distributes a variety of materials including lumber, floors, paints, mill-work, ceiling tiles, hardboard, and plywood. President of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is committed to product excellence and believes in distributing only the finest building supplies. Eucatex products are environmentally friendly, and are clean and easy to maintain. Products from Eucatex are termite resistant, and have Bacterban protection which protects building supplies from bacteria. Eucatex supplies exhibit higher dimensional stability, and do not warp or deteriorate over time. Eucatex products have been used around the world, with great success with a high customer satisfaction rate. The success of Eucatex is due to a fantastic company structure created and maintained by President Flavio Maluf.

Mr. Maluf is a driven individual who expects nothing but the best from his employees and executive team. Mr. Maluf from a young age was instilled with a strong work ethic and a passion for understanding the needs of others. Mr. Maluf also has a positive vision for Eucatex that extends beyond his company and into the communities where Eucatex products are distributed. For example, the Environmental Education Program created by Mr. Maluf, has helped students and other groups across Brazil understand the importance of conserving forests and wildlife. In addition to overseeing the operations of Eucatex Mr. Flavio has also given advice on Brazil’s economy.  From what they need to do to create new entrepreneurs, to Flavio’s feelings on the future of education.  He’s an endless source of information.

Mr. Maluf is proud that his company has its roots in Brazil where Eucatex was the first company to use eucalyptus in the production of tiles and ceiling panels. Eucatex is considered an industry innovator and continues to distribute cutting edge building supply materials all over the world.


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