Choose The Low-Priced $20 Unlimited Cell Phone Service Plan From FreedomPop

There are very few people who would turn down a $20 monthly unlimited cell phone plan if they were offered it, so why aren’t more people taking advantage of FreedomPop’s $20 service offer? It’s likely that many people don’t know about FreedomPop’s service plans or their extremely low prices, so it’s not surprising that many don’t know that FreedomPop has a $20 unlimited cell phone plan that includes 4G LTE data as well. The unlimited plan will include text messages, data, and talk time, and there are additional plans that add more 4G LTE data if a customer wants it.

The $20 each month that a customer pays to FreedomPop for their unlimited service is on average $30 cheaper than most unlimited services that are being offered today. With many companies charging $50 each month for unlimited service, these companies will still only add 1gb of 4G LTE data, and some companies will ask for a lot more money than $50 per month for those who want the unlimited service. Two of the major cell phone companies had cut their unlimited plans in the past, and even the reinstated plans are more expensive than ever, even though cell phone usage has gone up with most costs going down.

Those that choose FreedomPop as their carrier will always have low prices, especially when they opt for the unlimited service plan. Even persons who aren’t looking for cell phone service can benefit from FreedomPop because the company also has Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and a home modem with Wi-Fi is also available. Those that need Internet service for their home but don’t need the extra costs that many companies are charging should choose FreedomPop because the plans are made to save a customer money.

With 1gb of free Internet service for the home, any additional data that’s needed for the home service can be purchased separately in one of the plans that FreedomPop offers. Wi-Fi service is also offered from FreedomPop, and the service will only set the customer back five dollars each month and is unlimited for the entire month. The 4G LTE data that’s offered through the Wi-Fi hotspots are also offered with the portable hotspots that are for sale on FreedomPop’s website or with a FreedomPop retailer. The hotspots will include 500mb of free data with the option to purchase additional data through a FreedomPop plan.

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