Andy Wirth Pushes For Squaw Valley’s Expansion Program

After its approval by the Placer County Planning Commission, Squaw Valley Resort Expansion program now awaits the final confirmation from the County Board of Supervisors. In addition, the Placer County Board of Supervisors is putting down a new land-use plan for North Tahoe region. As reported by Amy Westervelt, a Tahoe-based reporter, Squaw Valley’s CEO, Andy Wirth, expressed his gratitude after the meeting, terming it as civil.

The deputy director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, Jesse Patterson, expressed his worries about traffic. He said that some projects might not to be approved because the region has no more room left for traffic.

However, Andy Wirth pointed out that the traffic issue has little or nothing to do with the company’s redevelopment. He was positive that the issue could be can be resolved through deliberations.

According to CBS, Determined to lead in solving the traffic issue, Andy Wirth said they have established initiatives. These initiatives shall place them ahead of the voters by next fall in order to fund Placer in the entire county as well as a credible mass transit system in the North Lake Tahoe region.

However, Jesse Patterson insists that the presentation lacks a substantive commitment since it is not on the environmental document. He said that he does not doubt Andy Wirth’s genuineness.

Andy Wirth was appointed as the new CEO of Squaw Valley by KSL Capital Partners, few months after its acquisition in December 2010. Within 3 years, Squaw Valley ranked best among the top Mountain Resorts. Previously, Wirth was working at Steamboat Mountain Resort where he worked for 20 years, overseeing incoming flights from large metropolitan areas.

He also played a pivotal role in building the luxurious Steamboat Grand hotel. When he moved to the Lake Tahoe region, Andy Wirth was involved in community work by becoming a major player in environmental and provision of community services. He supported non-profit organizations such as the High Fives Foundation and Disabled Sports USA Far West, earning him different awards.

He also served as a backcountry ranger, fighting wildfires at Rocky Mountain National Park.

As an avid skier, Wirth almost lost his life during a fatal accident when he landed in a vineyard and broke his arm. The support of his family, friends and medics helped in his recovery.

Andy said that his ironman triathlon training also played a major role in his healing process. The ironman team raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization established to support the fine men of the Navy SEAL and their families.

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