The Reality Behind Feature Film Money Monster – Brad Reifler Explains

Money Monster, a full feature film depicting the harsh realities some face in the financial market, explodes into a hostage situation. Although the movie itself can best be described as fictional, it points out the disasters that can arise when one partakes in the financial market.

Finance professional and stock market enthusiast Bradley Reifler watched the movie and had a few ending thoughts regarding the major issues associated with small-game investing.

First, Reifler pointed out that fees associated with investing. Within many large management and investment firms, fees are subjected to the clients and not the business itself. Due to this, the brokers are guaranteed a return for each of their client’s stock purchases.

Secondly, Reifler made a clear point to discuss on Twitter that the types of investments that small game investors have access to, compared to the investment opportunities that investment firms have access to. Reifler pointed out that if investor is not accredited, they are limited to the types of investments that they are allowed to endow in.

Finally, Reifler discussed the overall stock market risk many small game investors experience. Due to the fact that non-accredited investors are only allowed to participate in a marginal amount of investments, they are inevitably related to the stock market overall.

Based on the three factors mentioned above, virtually all small game investors do not have the same opportunity as accredited, top 1% companies. In the eyes of Brad Reifler, this is completely wrong. Focusing entirely on this issue, Reifler has been focusing all his efforts into changing the investment game such that everyone has an equal opportunity to reap the potential wealth that many large-scale investment firms experience each and every day.

Reifler, working in the financial sector for many years, has recognized the difference in investment opportunities between the top 1% and the bottom 99% and is focusing his efforts on leveling the playing field for any investor.

As the CEO of Forefront Advisory LLC, Brad Reifler focuses on providing high-quality, established asset managers consultancy and investment advice. Previously, Reifler found himself working as an entrepreneur, opening up Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, which eventually was sold to Refco in the year 2000.


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