George Soros United States Money Reserve achievements

US Money Reserve has been recognised as the worthy winner of four awards from the recent Videographer Awards for their production and creative work. The most remarkable awards were in two categories, Creativity (TV)/Cinematography and TV/Commercials/Product.

The information winning television spot titled “Testimonial Show” showed testaments from real loyal United States money reserve customers. This included gold buyer Richard Petty and the famed NASCAR driver.

The Award of Excellence only recognises the projects that stood out from the rest. The criteria used were how they were written, shot, produced and edited in a unique manner.

Winning two of these prestigious awards afford much esteem for the organisation’s creative teams, as does winning both an Award for ultimate Distinction and an honourable Mention for their imaginative spot entitled “Pearl Harbor Show.”

Angela, the Chief Executive Officer of US Money Reserve, said that they were honoured and humbled to receive such an international recognition for their video production and creative efforts.

They were inspired by the talent of their production and marketing media teams. They are priceless in showcasing the heart of the business and not forgetting how loyal their customers have been.

This year’s Videographer Awards received a whopping one thousand five hundred entries from all over the globe. The members of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) and judges look for individuals and companies that clearly showcased the talent of unmatched standards and whose work serves as the benchmark for the whole industry.

The progress of the company had already been appreciated by winning bronze at the thirty-seventh annual Telly awards. Their winning category was called “Philip Diehl IRA,” these showed how versatile the company is.

Videographer Awards is operated by an international organisation; the organisation consists of several thousand communication, marketing, advertising, media production, public relations and freelance specialists who have entered AMCP programs. The award is divided into twenty categories and has three levels of distinction: Award of Distinction, Award of Excellence and Honorable Mention as from link.

United States Reserve is a leading nation’s private distributors of the United States government-issued silver, platinum and gold products. It was founded in mid-2001 and has grown rapidly.

According to Crunchbase, It is now considered the biggest in the country although it has only served for less than twenty years. Thousands of clients across the nation depend on United States reserve to turn their wealth into physical precious metals. The most preferred being United States gold and silver coins.


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