Sanjay Shah-the Financial Expert with a Big Heart

If you have been yearning to donate towards autism awareness, and you do not know how to, then you haven’t heard of the Autism Rocks festival. “Autism Rocks” is an event that is held to increase autism awareness as well as raise funds for autism research. The festival comes once a year, and the 2016 festival took place on April 1st. Different musicians and celebrities attend the concert every year. The event features various activities such as live music, rodeo bull, bouncy castles, face painting, barbecue, crazy golf, petting zoo, and inflatable rides. Therefore, it is a fun-filled event which is suitable for the whole family. The event has raised more than 600,000 euros since its establishment in 2014.

How was “Autism Rocks” started?
When Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark realized that their son had autism, it was not easy for them. The journey with their autistic son made them experience an intense compassion for others who were going through similar agonies. Even though there was a lot of support for special needs persons, Sanjay, and his wife felt they needed to do more. That is how and why they established the Autism Rocks festival.

Autism affects the development of a child thus interferes with a person’s communication and how they interact with those around them. Its primary cause is not yet known. Even though it is a serious condition, adequate support, and love of those who live with an autistic person can reduce the adverse effects.

Who is Sanjay Shah?
Shah is a medical doctor who has ventured and excelled in the investment and financial industry. He has worked for several firms such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. After being made redundant at the Dutch bank during the financial crisis in 2009, he decided to quit his job. At this point, the daily routine of office worked was boring for Shah. He established his brokerage firm the same year.

Sanjay decided to hire a small office and bring in traders and graduates to help him grow his new company, Solo Capital. Five years later, he now is worth $280 million. Solo Capital’s offices are in London and Dubai. Sanjay oversees the progress of his business without having to be at his office every day. Now that Solo Capital is stable enough to run successfully without Shah being there regularly, he has a lot of time to focus on his new business ventures and philanthropic activities.


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