Event Planning At Its Best

Your next party or special event is already planned by a woman who knows how to save time and energy with any project. Her name is Lauren Conrad, and she has taken charge of the fashion and entertainment world. Conrad has two clothing collections, has written a few books and has taken the social media world by storm with numerous blog posts. Now, she wants to take her party-planning skills to your home so that you can offer the stunning party for your guests that they will remember.

Some have said that Lauren Conrad is the next Martha Stewart. She believes that it’s a big name to hold up to, but she’s ready for the challenge. Her key to planning a successful party is to not stress about the perfection that you think you might need. Your guests will remember the event and the company instead of whether each plate was in place or if the chairs were lined in a row.

If the party looks like you spent too much time putting it together, then you’ll be worried about keeping everything the way that it should look instead of spending time with your guests. This isn’t a way to enjoy your party. Conrad has recently started throwing parties with her husband. While she appreciates the extra help, she knows that they both have different ideas. Her husband enjoys the simple themes while she likes using collectibles and other pretty items that set the stage for the event.

Twenty Three Layers is a company that specializes in event planning. It is based in New York City and works with some of the top companies across the world with everything from music to decorations. Employees will take the time to understand what you want for the party in order to deliver the best results.

There is a variety of events that Twenty Three Layers can help with. They specialize in birthday parties, reunions, wedding receptions and corporate events. All of the details can be organized by the company so that you can relax with friends and family.


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