Thor Halvorssen: A Selfless Inspiration

If you ask anyone about Thor Halvorssen’s work ethic, who knows him personally, they’d tell you the guy works nonstop. In fact, a lot of people close to him might go as far as to say Halvorssen is an insomniac. Halvorssen is truly someone who never believes his job is done.

In 2005, the self admitted workaholic created the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). The human rights activist is the offspring of uniquely revered individuals. Halvorssen is the grandson of Øystein, a Norwegian king’s consul who is best known for a fistfight he had with a couple of Nazis during World War II. Halvorssen is also the descendent of the statesman/military leader, Simón “The Liberator” Bolívar, who helped win Latin America’s independence from Spain. And just like his ancestor, Halvorssen is a devout advocate for human rights.

Halvorssen is not all talk either. He is someone willing to make sacrifices to remain committed to his beliefs. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned and tortured in a Caracas prison after Halvorssen exposed the government corruption that was being covered up, while working as Venezuela’s drug czar. His first cousin is also a political prisoner serving time in a Venezuelan jail.

In spite of all of the shortcomings Halvorssen has experienced, he remains positive about the world and the people who inhabit it. Refusing to look at the glass as half empty instead of half full.

Thor Halvorssen has also had his bad experiences with the police. After sneaking into the monastery of Thich Quang Do, who spent well over two decades on house arrest after his church was banned, Halvorssen was apprehended by Vietnamese authorities when he was finished conducting an interview. Prior to being arrested, Halvorssen suffered police brutality at the hands of the authorities as he was brutally beaten. He managed to talk his way out the situation later, convincing the police he was a Buddhist seeker.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza on March 9th, 1976 in Venezuela. The human rights activist has made several contributions in the individual rights and civil liberties fields. Halvorssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a forum that gained much notoriety for its sustained success.

Halvorssen works tirelessly to enlighten people on civil injustices happening worldwide. Even producing films that do just that. He is currently working with Bryan Singer to produce film.

Thor Halvorssen is a true inspiration to the world.

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