InnovaCare Health and Management Service Supplier

InnovaCare Health is a Services Company located in Fort Lee, NJ 07024, 173 Bridge Plaza North. The health care supplier company classifies healthcare management to convene health, and administration care solutions. InnovaCare has subsidiary companies that help assemble cost-effective, sustainable, healthcare insurance covers. The company affiliate organizations are the Puerto Rico MSO, LLC, and the MMM Healthcare, Puerto Rico, Inc.

Puerto Rico MSO helps clients achieve best outcomes through innovation. The healthcare institution facilitates organizational resolutions, centered on quality metrics improvements across the company operations entire spectrum. As a dedicated organization of incredibly, skilled professionals, MSO ensures quality as the guiding knowledge in InnovaCare operations and the services it offers. The institution has helped InnovaCare consolidate its position as a leader in the medical health sector while continuing quality improvement criteria. Puerto Rico MMM Inc, on the other hand, has improved the way InnovaCare serves patients. The subsidiary healthcare institution helps InnovaCare to grant each patient a distinction plan to suggest excellence in patient experience and medical access on MMM Healthcare is ranked a fast growing health insurance plan in the United States, with the corporation, promoting the corporal and emotional state of its members. MMM and MSO continue to push InnovaCare healthcare excellence by fully committing themselves to excellence initiatives that lead to maximum healthcare outcomes.

InnovaCare Health has announced a decision to join HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Model. The company is gratified to announce this participation in the Action Network (LAN), and Health Care Payment Learning. The LAN is a current separate business that attempts to drive the U.S. health policy towards quality payment models rather than quantity. As a LAN Active Partner, InnovaCare will support the LAN’s commission to stimulate transformation to alternative healthcare payment forms.

InnovaCare too endeavors to establish organizational intentions in support of this recent installment change and will share its growth with the LAN technology. In an announcement, the company Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto, expressed InnovaCare’s goals to balancing U.S. health care regulation to varying payment techniques, APMs by 2018. The company is committed to sustaining measure progress toward these goals by participating in the LAN national information assortment attempt. In another declaration, the company”s Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, showed Medicare Advantage plans that will offer competent category payments, and quantitative data survey. The release signifies the organization’s extensive engagement to advance the American healthcare industry. Following these efforts, InnovaCare has reinforced its mission to reorganize health care management through coordination and cost-effectiveness.


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