Month: October 2016

The Cosmetic Company You Should Be Obsessed With

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Lime Crime began selling its lustrous Unicorn lipsticks in 2008 and has grown to offer a variety of must-have makeup products. The company was the brainchild of its founder and current CEO, Doe Deere. Deere formulated the company after discovering that she could not purchase makeup that coordinated with the colorful clothing she was creating….

Renting Shared Offices Spaces in The Big Apple

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  Coworking has been increasing in popularity as the advantages of shared office space become apparent. Originating in San Francisco, “Coworking” simply defined a place, a working environment where different individuals gathered to complete their work. The meaning has evolved since 2005 and now describes a community that combines the independence and freedom of being…

New Zealand is the Pinnacle of Proper Policy

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A flood of precipitous preconceptions are drawn to the forefront of a civilian’s consciousness upon hearing the name “New Zealand”. Subsequently, encompassing notions are as far ranging as the human mind will allow; given humanity’s broad diversity, the spectrum of possibilities is infinite. From New Zealand’s monotonous modern socioeconomic complex, to fanciful imaginations of aboriginal…

Dick DeVos Is Passionate About Education

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Dick DeVos has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation. He has been able to thrive with the legacy that his dad has left for him. His father was the founder of Amway. DeVos could have easily gotten trapped under the shadow of his father. He continued to build his own legacy…

Searching for Quality Assisted Living

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What is Assisted Living?   Everyone reaches a time when the need for assistance in our everyday activities becomes crucial. Fortunately, these needs are offered in assisted living facilities where they are provided with support services like meals, administration of medications, washing, bathing, dressing up and transportation.   Here, seniors are provided with just the…


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