Dick DeVos Is Passionate About Education

Dick DeVos has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation. He has been able to thrive with the legacy that his dad has left for him. His father was the founder of Amway. DeVos could have easily gotten trapped under the shadow of his father. He continued to build his own legacy though. He did not waste any time trying to duplicate what his father did. Instead, Dick DeVos created another company while working as the president of Amway. He would branch out into a lot of different things, but the noblest thing that he could have done is become a philanthropist. This is where Dick DeVos and his family have really been able to shine.


I think that a lot of people have heard of Dick DeVos, but many people do not have any idea that he has given as much money as he has. He is passionate about education, and I can tell that he has the desire to see others doing well. This is why he has put so much stock into providing funds for student enrichment. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is something that he started with this wife. This is another aspect of the life of Dick DeVos that shows that he has a caring spirit and a heart for the children in Michigan.


The DeVos family has given more than a billion dollars collectively to various charitable causes. All of this makes people stop to take notice of your success. I certainly do believe that this is why I took notice of Dick DeVos and his wife. I had to find out more about the charity and the man with the charitable spirit. It is a great feeling for students in Michigan to know that there is someone out there that is concerned about the well-being of the students in the school system.


Over the years I have studied other successful entrepreneurs, and there is something different that I know about DeVos. He is a man of faith. I believe that his faith is part of the reason that he has been called to action to help students in Michigan achieve all that they desire. He is the type of entrepreneur that other entrepreneurs aspire to be like. He is the type of person that is happy with giving. He knows the return on investment is so much more.


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