New Zealand is the Pinnacle of Proper Policy

A flood of precipitous preconceptions are drawn to the forefront of a civilian’s consciousness upon hearing the name “New Zealand”. Subsequently, encompassing notions are as far ranging as the human mind will allow; given humanity’s broad diversity, the spectrum of possibilities is infinite. From New Zealand’s monotonous modern socioeconomic complex, to fanciful imaginations of aboriginal interactions involving redemptive colonists, even to the visualization of her rugged landscape which stands in natural glory; it is apparent that such a list of New Zealand’s subjective definitions could continuead infinitum.

However, when the fancies of observers’ discourse creates and proliferates false understanding, it is imperative that such falsehoods are promptly corrected. Unfortunately, discrepancies arise when matters are not met promptly through outreach tools.

Recently, New Zealand corporate tax lawyer, Geoffrey Cone, has released an article detailing New Zealand’s stalwart status in the global community. A man of perseverance, Cone leads his firm employing utmost business savvy. Whether the self-admittedly “peripatetic” firm-leader is partying in Uruguay, or buckling down to the labor of his work in Auckland, it is sure that the whole of his firm follows suit. With almost 19 years of experience in tax and trusts, it seems only natural.

New Zealand adheres the gold standard of the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. Due to international provisions and due diligence, tip-top tax transparency is synonymous with New Zealand’s establishment. Serious changes to tax policy occurred in 2006 with the intention of ensuring a fair playing field. New Zealand has standardized trust processes to consolidate their practices under international guidelines. Over the years, New Zealand’s strength and stability have catapulted it to the top of the international stage. While some forums have proven fragile, NZ has managed to maintain its rugged reputation. This is a matter deserving of praise, not stifled skepticism.

In an atmosphere of constant misconceptions and demagoguery, which can lead to unwarranted ugliness, it is key to adhere to tangible indications. It is quite obvious that New Zealand is a state based on personal honor, deeply ingrained through the history of its formation and proliferation. Every indication clearly displays New Zealand’s loyalty and rigor, as well as its outreach. If one is still unconvinced of New Zealand’s glory, ask Geoffrey Cone as he’s riding horseback through the nature of Uruguay, if you can happen upon his countenance, that is.

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