Renting Shared Offices Spaces in The Big Apple


Coworking has been increasing in popularity as the advantages of shared office space become apparent. Originating in San Francisco, “Coworking” simply defined a place, a working environment where different individuals gathered to complete their work. The meaning has evolved since 2005 and now describes a community that combines the independence and freedom of being self-employed with the structure and cooperation of an office job.

Increase your Networking Potential

Joining a coworking community introduces you to new social circles. Every time you meet someone new you have the opportunity to make important industry connections, promote your business, and find potential clients.

Avoid Distractions

When you work from home you’re bombarded with distractions. Even disciplined freelancers can be distracted by their close proximity to a refrigerator or television. Find an environment that encourages success instead of one that sets you up for failure.

Productivity is Contagious

If you’re surrounded by productive, like-minded professionals you’ll be more inspired to meet your business goals. You’ll also avoid the isolation and depression that can plague work from home employees.

New York Shared Office Space

If you’re looking for a New York shared office space, consider Workville. Located near Times Square, Workville provides an environment that encourages constructive work habits. These New York shared office spaces offer a variety of packages for every budget. Choose from open desks, shared office space, or move-in ready private offices. Amenities are included so enjoy high speed internet access, mail service, printers, and 24 hour access.


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