The Cosmetic Company You Should Be Obsessed With

Lime Crime began selling its lustrous Unicorn lipsticks in 2008 and has grown to offer a variety of must-have makeup products. The company was the brainchild of its founder and current CEO, Doe Deere. Deere formulated the company after discovering that she could not purchase makeup that coordinated with the colorful clothing she was creating. The Russian-born musician turned entrepreneur is well-known for her shocking style choices which feature superb color from head to toe.

Today, you will find Deere in the bustling Los Angeles headquarters of Lime Crime, as she consults with a fine-tuned team of professionals. The company requires much more attention than it did in 2008 when a few original products were sold from Etsy in small quantities. The Lime Crime line has grown significantly, but still offers customers the same high-quality standard. Advancements have allowed the company to reach Deere’s personal goals, such as going from cruelty-free to completely vegan.

Lime Crime stands out for many reasons. For one, it has given traditional cosmetic companies unheard of competition. Considering that Lime Crime sells all of its products directly from its website, it has garnered a major follower base from mere word-of-mouth. Deere has headed the company as its fearless leader and provided fans with a realistic inspiration.

Lime Crime has found its target audience in men and women looking to stand out in the crowd. It provides them with the palettes they desire to transform their personal image. Deere, who was born in raised in Russia, recalled her own experience with makeup. She quickly became obsessed with products that aided in her personal expression. While milky yellow lipstick and blue eyeliner aren’t for everyone, the Lime Crime cosmetic line assures those who desire it will get it.

Deere’s formula for success may be due in part or whole to the fact that she trudges through relentlessly. In fact, it is clear to say that makeup companies did not fathom the success of such unorthodox colors. However, Deere has always made moves based off of creative drive and personal desire, which are not the motivating factors o traditional cosmetic brands. Currently, Deere runs the business alongside her husband who she met in New York City. Lime crime currently sells dozens of products, including bundles and seasonal choices. Meanwhile, Lime Crime fans patiently await her next colorful creation, whatever that might be!


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