Month: November 2016

Boraie is Doing it Big in New Jersey

Posted by in Real Estate Development

New Jersey is famous for a lot of things but Atlantic City may be one of the hottest destinations in the entire state. It is important to note that, while the rest of the state is foundering, Atlantic City is doing a great job at keeping itself afloat. This is because it is a tourist-centric…

Securus Technologies unethical practices by GTL

Posted by in Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is a top company in providing criminal justice and civil solutions with several services. Products from the company have helped various correction facilities run smooth and efficiently. The services offered by the firm increase monitoring investigation and boost safety. The company does a great job as it has various technology advancements. While there…

Gooee LED Lighting Last Longer

Posted by in Home Rennovation, LED Lights

Gooee LED lighting is perfect for people who are trying to get light bulbs that will longer than normal. The normal light bulb is a menace that people have to deal with every day because they do not know how to get something that will last. They keep replacing the bulbs because they have to,…


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