Securus Technologies unethical practices by GTL

Securus Technologies is a top company in providing criminal justice and civil solutions with several services. Products from the company have helped various correction facilities run smooth and efficiently. The services offered by the firm increase monitoring investigation and boost safety. The company does a great job as it has various technology advancements. While there are businesses that strive for integrity, other enterprises in the correction facility are a rip-off and attempt to steal cash from their clients. Securus Technologies has in the recent past set out to expose such companies.


Mr. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, made a recent press release that highlights the breach of integrity by GTL. He stated that the company has participated in multiple shameful acts and should pay for its actions. The first release was in form of a 17-page report handed over to the Louisiana Public service. The report had multiple instances and facts where GTL increased the call rate services compared to the one accepted by law.


Other misconducts by the company included tampering of telephone clocks. They increased the call times for each clock by more than twenty seconds. The records indicate that the increased time was not a mistake but something which was done intentionally. Such misconduct is entirely unacceptable in any communication industry. The company was also involved in billing of its clients an amount higher than the required ones. As a result of such practices, Louisiana taxpayers were charged an amount exceeding one million dollars.


While the correction facility seems to be filled with lots of corruption, it is good to note that there are reliable companies existent in these establishments. Securus Technologies is one such company. It provides its services to more than four thousand correction facilities and other law enforcement agencies throughout the region. It has provided its services to more than one million inmates. Securus continues to be adequately managed and provide monitoring services to inmates.


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