Month: December 2016

A Review Of SEC Whistleblower Program And How Labaton Sucharow Helps Whistleblowers

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The federal government has been working to ensure that wrong doings in different industries are addressed in the most justifiable manner. One of the measures that was taken to enhance the fight against securities violations is coming up with the SEC Whistleblower Program, a system that works with whistleblowers to help them present facts highlighting…

Representing and Under Served Population

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The Davos Financial Group is a key player in the financial advisory world. Since its Creation in Miami, Florida the Davos Financial Group has built itself up from the ground to be identified as both a financial advisory conglomerate and a humanitarian organization. B&H group of customers that Davos Financial focuses on are Latino Americans…

Transforming the work space to increase innovative collaboration-Marc Sparks

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Mark is an entrepreneur and an owner of a private equity firm. For more than a decade, his office has had its headquarters in one place. However, Timber Creek Capital is now moving to a new venue because they want a setting that is more effective for startup incubation. His company is concerned with helping…

Chris Burch’s Vision, Work, & Powerful Report

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In recent news, Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital, wrote in about the futuristic tech fashion trends. The report stated that the fashion and technological industries have seen several changes over the years. Both industries grow together with the fashion becoming more technological fashionable, and technology is becoming more fashionable. A glimpse of…


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