Transforming the work space to increase innovative collaboration-Marc Sparks

Mark is an entrepreneur and an owner of a private equity firm. For more than a decade, his office has had its headquarters in one place. However, Timber Creek Capital is now moving to a new venue because they want a setting that is more effective for startup incubation.

His company is concerned with helping other businessmen who are starting their own companies to come up with strategies that will help them transform into revenue generating activities.

The start of a business is creation of the business model. This should be followed by getting the resources needed to ensure business success. Currently, the company is hosting three businesses and making sure that they are incubated and guided towards success.

He states that in his many years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, he has discovered that the conditions or working environment that a business is in contributes to more than 25 percent of the success rate of the business.

A comparison that he gives is one office located in a warehouse that does not receive enough lighting as a result of being located in a seedy neighborhood, and another at a prestigious location, like the 5th avenue with a lot of successful people are around.

He states that the business that is located on 5th street will inspire the employees to be more productive and is likely to make bigger profits than the other one.

Mark has written a book that outlines the successes and failures that he has faced in entrepreneurship. The book, which is titled ‘They can’t eat you’, is about his journey and the realities that he has learned about the world of entrepreneurship. It was after the experiences and the failures that Mark decided to start Timber Creek Capital. The company offers the businesses that they take under their wing resources such as banking, marketing, and capital and office space.

He states that his vast experience has taught him about the many challenges and circumstances that can be brought about by entrepreneurship. He believes that he can use the knowledge that he has gained to mentor others so that they will experience fewer issues when creating their own startups.

He believes that his company, Timber Creek Capital is the most qualified when it comes to business innovation.

Besides entrepreneurship, Mark is a family man and he is also actively involved in several charities because of his belief in transforming the community he lives in.


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