Representing and Under Served Population

The Davos Financial Group is a key player in the financial advisory world. Since its Creation in Miami, Florida the Davos Financial Group has built itself up from the ground to be identified as both a financial advisory conglomerate and a humanitarian organization. B&H group of customers that Davos Financial focuses on are Latino Americans currently living within the United States of America. These individuals are oftentimes under served by the country that they live in, and are considered to not be useful members of society do to their Heritage and oftentimes lack of English language proficiency. And in order to better support these individuals Davos Financial Group has provided to them and number of services, including interpretation and translation when it comes to advising them in correct Financial positioning. In order to better serve them David Osio, the CEO and founder of the company, has decided to announce the launching of a new downloadable application for Android and Apple devices. This application allows customers of Davos Financial Group to successfully estimate Returns on real estate. Well this is just one facet that the company often provides to its customers, the application allows clients to develop a better sense of personal finance skills which will undoubtedly help them in the future.


David Osio is a native of Venezuela, where he originally had a job working as a lawyer representing members of the Venezuelan community. It was at this job that was Co developed a sense of service for members of the human race, in particular Hispanics and the representation within society and government positions. Lucille moved to the United States in order to form Davis Financial Group, where he has been located ever since.


Osio offers a number of different levels of advice to his clientele, such as whether or not it would make sense for a client to invest in starting a small business, what sort of real estate properties would make the best choice for family living, as well as which stocks and bonds for his clients to put money into. These are all good levels of advice, especially for individuals who often times are not represented from other companies. The work that Osio and Davos Financial Group do for the Latino American Community within the United States is one that is much needed in order to build up a more sense of equality within the nation.


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