Inmates May Call Home With Help From Securus Video Visitation

I have quite a good understanding of Securus video visitation as I was in jail for a time. My term was over Christmas, and it was difficult for me to speak to the family at that time. I had a Securus account, and the account helped me call the family at an appointed time. This article explains how I used Securus from prison as our family connected over Christmas last year.


#1: Calling From The Prison


Securus has phones and video cameras set up in each jail partner, and you sit in front of the camera with the phone in your hand. I spoke to everyone in the family in one call, and it felt nice to see them all over there. I used the account before that, and I was familiar with how it all would work. I had quite a nice time ensuring I saw everyone in the family, and we did more calls after that.


#2: I Learned How My Family Talked To Me


The family was there for the call, and I saw them all on a small camera that was on my sister’s phone. It was a good picture, and I saw a lot of people pass in front of the camera. I got to see my little cousins, and I had more than one person at the jail walk behind me to wave to the family. It felt nice to have everyone involved in these important phone calls, and I was energized for weeks after that call.


#3: No More Worrying About Visits


Personal visits at the jail are quite difficult because everyone who wants to see you must drive to the jail to see you. I did not have many people who could come see me, and the number dwindled over time. The video visitation I took online was a help, and we started to talk more often. My sister called me the most, and she helped me see as many people as possible. My friends go their own Securus accounts, and they all started calling. I had a full calendar with the phone calls coming in, and I felt safe when I got out of jail.


I want everyone to know that Securus is great for the inmates just as it is for the families.


Every family member may have their own account, and we spoke often through the private Securus network.



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