Cyber-bullying Hotline Launched

There are some problems that people in your life just do not understand. If you bring it to them, they cannot relate to it and give you either trite advice or just dismiss it altogether. This could be true in the case of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can convoke a flood of negative emotions and leave you in despair. Beyond that, you still have to deal with it for the sake of your company. You are an entrepreneur who is struggling mightily to construct a business. Then some cyberbully attacks you. You need to be able to deal with the emotional element and construct a plan of self-defense. That is why thishotline was launched.

Your Family And Friends Might Not Have The Resources To Help

There are some family members or close friends who will always be there to listen no matter what happens. However, not all friends have the resources to help you overcome a difficult emotional struggle. Psychology is a complex field. This is particularly true if they have never been the victim of a cyberbully or a smear campaign. Further, your friends might not be available in the middle of the night. Yet this cyber bullying hotline is available 24/7. If some blogger publishes a hit piece on you at 2 in the morning, you can develop a plan of action to either bury it or have it removed soon, while working through the emotional trauma.

Examine Your Business

According to, one of the best defenses against cyberbullying is to examine your business, from your prices, quality of product or services, to Internet ethics. Cyberbullies can sometimes be motivated by an inadequate product or service. Further, if they are motivated by something else, then consumers who read their hit piece will go to your website and see that the information is false. If your business exhibits the highest standards of customer service and business/Internet ethics, then there will be less room for scrutiny. There may always be people who want to attack you, but by perfecting your business, you will be less vulnerable to those attacks.



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