What Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Has To Say About The Power Of Branding

When Doe Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008, it was to fill a gap in the cosmetics industry. Deere, who had been experimenting with bold fashion choices and bright colors since she was a little girl, was looking for makeup that matched her uniquely vivid aesthetic.


Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City as a young girl. As a child, she spent hours playing with her mother’s makeup. As a teenager, she began sewing her own clothes and selling them on eBay. Her fan base quickly grew as hundreds of teenage girls were drawn to Deere’s attention-grabbing, fearlessly bold and colorful creations.


In 2008, Lime Crime was launched as an online cosmetics brand. According to Deere, friends thought she was crazy for attempting to sell makeup exclusively through her website. They believed that consumers wanted to see makeup in person and try on samples before purchasing. However, Doe proved them wrong.


What makes Lime Crime unique is its whimsical and dreamy aesthetic. The website features bright pastel colors and images of cute bunnies and unicorns. The packaging of the products are as exciting as the products themselves, featuring sparkly finishes and cute animal imagery.


With millions of Instagram followers, Lime Crime has ushered in a new trend for beauty-obsessed millennials. Instead of sticking to the status quo, Lime Crime customers are not afraid to experiment with their makeup and create bold aesthetic statements by using color and texture. Fans love product lines like the Superfoils, a series of eyeshadow duos that offers a metallic finish so intense that it’s nearly reflective. The Diamond Crushers lip glosses deliver such a high concentration of glitter that lips can be spotted from yards away.


Deere credits her own intuition for the company’s success. She has always followed her own vision and listened to her gut instincts. Never once has Deere set out to copy another brand’s model or stick to makeup shades that were trendy at the moment.


By incorporating her own unique aesthetic into her brand consistently for almost nine years, Deere has demonstrated the power of branding when it comes to online retail. Lime Crime customers trust Deere’s company because they believe in her dedication to her own unique aesthetic vision.


Deere’s devotion to her point of view and her gut instincts have paid off. Lime Crime continues to outsell its competitors and mega-retailers like Urban Outfitters are looking to stock Lime Crime products on its shelves. With unapologetically bright colors and whimsical aesthetics, Deere has managed to represent the voice of millennial beauty consumers for almost nine consecutive years.


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