Talking to Chris Burch about Fashion and Technology

Technology and fashion industries have been engulfed with a lot of changes. The good thing about these two industries is that they are entangled and continue to grow together. Per se, the best way to understand these two industries is looking at how they have performed in the past and the present. The trend found in the past and the present can be used to predict what we can expect in the coming years. This is according to Christopher Burch, technology, and fashion expert who has been in the industry for several decades now.


Experts have shown that for a company to remain productive, it has to produce a product that will be acceptable in the market and the fashion industry is no exemption. The only tool that can be used to determine how the product will perform in the market is technology. This is a clear indication of how the synthesis of fashion and technology is happening. Technology serves as a playground where prototypes can be tried out before they are unleashed to the consumers. Chris Burch has this notion that technology and fashion can work hand in hand to help avoid disasters that threaten humanity. He gives the example of the bike protection that is usually worn around the neck. He says that this protective equipment is not comfortable. However, fashion designers have created an airbag that pops up during cases of emergencies. This airbag is fashionable, comfortable and very efficient. He then concludes the topic with the gloves that have been designed to protect firefighters from harm and at the same time allowing them to communicate.


Technology has also made it possible to recycle various materials, and the end products are fabulous fashions. For instance, Burch tells of the inner bicycle tubes that have been recycled to create elegant t-shirts and jackets. The two can also work together to create energy. For instance, clothes are known to store static charges. These charges can be tapped and converted to electricity that can be used to charge watches and other gadgets.


Burch is well known for the Burch Creative Capital where he is the chief executive officer. Chris Burch is from New York and has made a fortune for himself. His most successful venture is the Guggenheim Partners that earned him a place at Forbes’s billionaires.


His other successful ventures are Voss Water, Next Jump, Jawbone, and Powermat. Other than the fashion industry, he also invests in real estate and technology industries.


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