Fabletics Competes Successfully With Other Big Athletic Companies

Fabletics is the brand that is getting attention from lots of different parts of the world. This is the company that has shown people that they can look good while they are working out. It is obvious that there is a growth in the number of people that are now hitting the gym on a regular basis. When a business becomes a $250 million dollar organization one cannot help but to take interest in what this organization is doing. That is why Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, may be feeling a bit threatened. There is a level of competition that Fabletics has managed to bring to the table that someone like Jeff Bezos may not have been prepared for. He has shown people that he has mastered the art of selling everything, but this may not actually be the best way to approach clothing for women. Kate Hudson has decided to focus on one thing and one thing only: workout clothes for women.


Women that have their minds on workout clothes are going to see the benefits of using Fabletics to order clothes. There is a strong connection to women that Kate Hudson has that many other companies do not have. It is not like there are no companies that are not selling clothes for women to work out in. Old Navy has clothes like this. Sears, Sports Academy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and a mirage of companies like Belk will have clothing for women that desire to work out.


The great thing about using Fabletics is that there is a connection to a woman that works out. Fabletics is someone that is actually connected to the brand. She is the face of Fabletics. That is why women are going to post comments about Fabletics. That is why women are showing interest in this brand. They really feel like they have an ally in Kate Hudson, and she is the one that is going to continue promoting the brand as new stores open. The new stores that are set to open in 5 years will cover a lot of ground. More than 100 stores are going to come into existence, and this will change the face of the workout clothing industry. More people will become exposed to the brand. This company will elevate to another level. Fabletics has the ability to successfully compete with Amazon and any other company other there.


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