Month: March 2017

The Improving Water Condition at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Posted by in California

The diabolic spell of nature that threatened operations at the high-life Squaw Valley entertainment resort seem to be contained. There were reports that Coliform and E. Coli bacteria were identified in the drinking water at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, prompting a swift reaction to contain the situation by the resort management. The issue was…

Brian Torchin Is Taking The Game to Another Level

Posted by in Forefront Capital, Small Investors

Brian Torchin is the CEO and head of HCRC Staffing. Health Care Recruitment Counselor, (HCRC), is a company the deals in career counseling services for people who are working within the health industry by recommending professionals with skills geared toward specific jobs. As a certified chiropractor himself, Brian Torchin knows more than most about having…


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