Brian Torchin Is Taking The Game to Another Level

Brian Torchin is the CEO and head of HCRC Staffing. Health Care Recruitment Counselor, (HCRC), is a company the deals in career counseling services for people who are working within the health industry by recommending professionals with skills geared toward specific jobs.

As a certified chiropractor himself, Brian Torchin knows more than most about having to find a job and the struggles that come along with the aspirations of achieving a place of finical stability in today’s medicinal job market.

Torchin has made a name for himself and his Health Care Recruitment Counselor Board in the medical world. Through the HCRC initiative, founded by Brian Torchin, not only have young qualified medical professionals been able to obtain careers and connections in their desired field, HCRC has also been able to produce a higher rate of efficient doctors and specialist that will stimulate and expand the ever-growing knowledge of medicinal practices. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Torchin has dedicated many years of his life to bring this staffing program to offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware. The construction of the HRCH was accomplished by facilitating these agencies with physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, and doctors trained in chiropractic procedures that were all overseen and approved by Brian Torchin and his board of trustees.

Even though HCRC is based in Philadelphia, the services provided by the staffing firm are accessible every weekday, weekend, and extended night hours within all 50 States even including some international destinations such as Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe. Multiple testimonies of the outstanding services provided by the company can be seen on the

With statements from certified experts in the medical community praising the ability, integrity, and drive of the HCRC staff, Torchin is a trusted advisor when it comes to enlisting consultants. On social media, Torchin invites applicants to throw their hat into the ring while offering to assist in finding any open positions or associates.

Through the use of the internet, Torchin is able to reach vast amounts of licensed yet unemployed doctors and physicians thus creating a job market for ambitious and capable students.

2009, he opened up Forefront Capital and currently serves as its senior principal executive.


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