The Improving Water Condition at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort

The diabolic spell of nature that threatened operations at the high-life Squaw Valley entertainment resort seem to be contained. There were reports that Coliform and E. Coli bacteria were identified in the drinking water at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, prompting a swift reaction to contain the situation by the resort management. The issue was first reported to the Placer County Department that deals with environmental health, and since then, the mountain water has been subjected to consistent treatment. The latest reports showed stunning improvement rates with three out of four wells at the upper mountain indicating reduced levels of coliform and no sign of E. Coli.


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort issued a statement to ascertain that the situation was being contained and operations would soon return to normalcy. The statement came amid closure of the restaurants at the upper mountain region, with skiers vehemently cautioned against drinking water in the upper mountain wells until the issue is fully resolved. In a statement dated 30th November last year, Liesl Kenny, Public relations director for the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows affirmed the condition and the water quality at the Squaw Valley Upper Mountain.


The cause of contamination, as outlined in the statement, was attributed to the unusual heavy downpour in the month of October. This spawned a terrible havoc of the Squaw Valley’s upgraded water system installed over the summer at the High Camp and Gold Coast, bringing about the contamination. The issue was limited to the upper mountain region only. The resort immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District, while ensuring that the public did not get access to the contaminated water. The statement affirmed the procedural address to the issue until normalcy is retained, contacting help and support from other leading water safety experts to cage the situation.


Kenny stressed on the importance of the safety of the resort for customers, citing that since the wake of the alarming water condition in the region, the resort will not return to the regular water usage at the High Camp or Gold Coast until water safety is assured. Instead, they will have free bottled water for drinking.





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