Month: April 2017

Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg’s Life is Best Described as Passionate

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Executive recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg graduated from Brooklyn College of New York. Her education in philosophy is a strong indicator for why her decision to become involved in talent acquisition made perfect sense. Studying at Brooklyn College provided Julie with the greatest foundation for becoming one of the best recruiters in her field. This pivoting education…

ClassDojo Encourages Students by Encouraging Parental Involvement

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Getting parents involved in their children’s education is a proven strategy for students’ success. This is why teachers are loving ClassDojo. The communications platform and educational technology tools provided by the company help teachers create positive classroom environments that carry over to the home, increase community buy-in and promote positive cultural value. Communicating with parents…

USHEALTH Group CEO Recognized For Professional Excellence

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In 2016 the winner of the One Planet Awards was announced, and there was an award ceremony. Winners are chosen internationally. The award is a global program that honours individuals who have shown business and professional excellence. The award is available to companies and organisations of all sizes and all types. The One Planet Awards…


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