USHEALTH Group CEO Recognized For Professional Excellence

In 2016 the winner of the One Planet Awards was announced, and there was an award ceremony. Winners are chosen internationally. The award is a global program that honours individuals who have shown business and professional excellence. The award is available to companies and organisations of all sizes and all types. The One Planet Awards works in categories such as Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR, teams, executives and other positions, new products and services, and more.

One of the golden awards was granted to Mr Troy McQuagge, and he received the premium for CEO of the year of 2016. He is the chief executive officer of the leading health insurance company USHEALTH Group, Inc. He became an integral part of USHELTH back in 2010. Among his first significant contributions to the organisation was his re – structuring of USHEALTH Advisors – the distribution agency of the main USHEALTH. What Mr Troy McQuagge did was of great benefit to USHEALTH Group. That led the company to hire him and appoint him as CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in the middle of 2014. Ever since he started out at that position, USHEALH Group has been registering huge successes. The company has expanded, and the profits have grown higher under his leadership.

Mr Troy McQuagge accepted his One Planet Award at the ceremony. He gave a heartwarming speech and thanked his colleges as well as the One Plant Awards organisation. He spoke about the integrity of USHEALTH Group and how much he values everybody’s hard work. On that note, he shared that he views the award as something that belongs to each and every member of USHEALTH Group and not only to him. For him, the award is a testament to the relationship that USHEALTH Group has with its clients, and for the hard work that everyone has put into making the health insurance company what it is today.USHEALTH Group, Inc. has its main building in the city of Fort West in Texas. It works with self – employed people as well as with small companies. However, USHEALTH Group also provides health insurance for families and individuals.


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