ClassDojo Encourages Students by Encouraging Parental Involvement

Getting parents involved in their children’s education is a proven strategy for students’ success. This is why teachers are loving ClassDojo. The communications platform and educational technology tools provided by the company help teachers create positive classroom environments that carry over to the home, increase community buy-in and promote positive cultural value. Communicating with parents using targeted content, such as attendance and participation, has been shown to increase attendance rates at elementary and secondary schools no matter what the socio-economic or cultural background of the students’ families. The technology is not a substitute for great teaching, but rather comes alongside teachers and parents to encourage students. It allows great teachers to be really great, and help their students be great too – which is why it is used in roughly 90% of K-8 schools in the United States and schools in 180 international countries.  More to read on

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ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and the team is made up of engineers, designers and educators from around the world. The free app offers options like allowing parents to log in and observe real-time feedback on classroom participation. Based on, ClassDojo also offers content for home-based learning to enhance continuity; and teachers can keep parents in the loop throughout the school day with regular messaging over the secure social network. Encouragement and interest from adults empowers children. Reaching out to parents with the tools provided by ClassDojo, educators build connections and assist with emotional development. This is proven to be effective in solving problems that undermine student achievement.

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