Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg’s Life is Best Described as Passionate

Executive recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg graduated from Brooklyn College of New York. Her education in philosophy is a strong indicator for why her decision to become involved in talent acquisition made perfect sense. Studying at Brooklyn College provided Julie with the greatest foundation for becoming one of the best recruiters in her field. This pivoting education experience allowed Julie the best opportunity to navigate her recruitment career, for advising senior business leaders on the best recruiting strategies to remain competitive and aligning with compensation trends. Julie has taken this foundation to great heights, and she accomplished securing a position to recruit talent for one of the leading financial institutions in the world.


Julie is currently with Deutsche Bank, a global banking and financial services company. Formerly, Julie was an executive recruiter for Citibank serving almost seven years in tenure. In 2009, Deutsche Bank became the largest foreign exchange trader in the world. Recruitment for the bank grew significantly due to that increase in business. In April 2014, Julie was appointed as their Executive Recruitment Lead for the New York based location. With exceptional business and leadership experience, Julie leads the development and negotiation at Managing Director levels. She is highly-efficient and qualified in the counseling of leadership and executives for governing best recruiting practices. Julie is very well-known for her proficient knowledge in providing strategic direction and coaching to teams, in order to build their operational infrastructures. Her skills are highly-respected by those within the recruitment process and they’re relied upon heavily for large scale diversity initiatives. Julie is excellent at managing business relationships and conveying recruitment needs. She is extremely knowledgeable in using best recruitment practices to increase expertise and engagement, for attracting top talent. Julie uses the best recruiting strategies in order to get the finest candidates available.


With a high demand on her time as an executive recruiter, Julie still finds time to volunteer for many great causes within her community. Julie has developed excellent relationships with organizations that protect animals, and she has a strong position on the ethical and humane treatment of animals. She believes in the compassion for animals and their welfare. She continues to fight for those causes throughout her life, and she remains committed to many non-profit organizations. Julie is also a strong supporter of civil rights causes, human rights, and social action endeavors. Julie supports the Center for Non-Profits, a New Jersey based organization that uses their platform to champion and strengthen charities using advocacy, education and capacity-building programs. The organization has been in effect for over 30 years. As a mind-body conscious person, Julie has a passion for cultivating the right alignment for conscious awareness. She has a great interest in revitalizing the way people eat, live and move. In January 2017, Julie traveled to Barcelona, Spain. Julie enjoys arts and culture events when she is not involved in causes that she devotes her time to. Julie Zuckerberg has a great passion for business, supporting others, and remaining conscious, for a life well-lived.




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